slaves in the abyss

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Walking through the thick fumes of this wretched ware house
a boy dragging his beat up  body
Leaving a trail of blood behind
He flinched as a drop of blood came down his chin
Then he Chuckled which made him grunt with pain
Landing on the floor with a soft thud there was no strength left in
Him he just collapses
He kept dozing off
i have to be with you even if it kills me “
i have to be with you no matter what
Suffering endlessly for you
I’m your slave
Could u just wait for me ___”
That’s what was going on in his mined
As he went further into the darkness of the other world
For those who have no one else to live for
The ones whom souls ‘v been sold long ago
To the realms of agony
Striping of their humanity
For the sake of their lords
Blinded by the emptiness in
Their heart nothing within
Will matter
If not for the ones who filled
There hollow beings with life
Who gave them the reason to be

Nothing will be enough if not by their saver hand
Nothing is a thing without that approving node of
The ones they hold dear
And in all of us lies a slave of passion
A salve of acceptance
A slave of respect
That would starve to fulfill
His gasping need to the prim
So be it
And it will

strengthen ur core

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  will i’v been into martial arts since i was a child

but i never got to learn any or see them in real life

as i’m a girl who lives in ksa

though  as of 7 years ago or so u can see

some women trainers with who claim  knowledge

and capability  of one art or the other 

and based on that they  would join a women only  gym 

witch is usually an  attached   room to some hair salon 

and  as i said being in ksa and all the hall matter is frowned upon .

but as of tow years ago i started seriously looking into 

learning  how to fight  

when i was in my third year in high school i started

 weight  lifting  and it was awesome 

and i started getting   a nice definitions 

but then i went to college 

and i gave in to junk food as i could not make the time to cook

time was so tight i could not exercise  or do much work 

and thus i lost a lot of my muscle mass and gained weight

as of my second year   i went back to working out 

 after 6 month i started dieting 

and i gt serious bout it

i  think i’m into kickboxing

and tykowando

sword fencing 

but as u can tell i get all 

my instruciton and info of the internet 

so its weird 

and hard and slow 

 but i hope one day i’ll have the ability and the body of martial artist 

even if i began  when i’m this old 

even if i don’t have a couch right now 

i’ll fined a way to bush through  

toward my goal 


dose it ring a bill ??

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so i have this thing i dont know if it is common or is it just another

one of my weird traits  

i cant stand it when the bill rings 

i just flinch and go mad 

its not just that  i can’t deal with knocking eater 

if someones knocking the door 

it should be  fine as long as it is not more than three knocks 

so  my family understand how this irritates me 

hence they r trying there best not to tick me off  

still there comes one of my siblings trayna be all cute and funny 

so he wouldn’t use the bill but

he’ll knock the door like a drummer in a rock band 

and then when i fly to the door to stop this outrageous sound wave 

he’d be smiling like ” i did not use the bill i knocked its ok right ?”

and all i can say while i’m trying to hold my anger 

is .. 



there nothing to add to that 

just plz 

dont knock on my door 

or ring a bill 

i’ll leave the door open so just com in 

and announce  ur self  

though i think i’d get  in trouble for this @@ 

 i think i need to see some one bout this 

or invent a way to alert me that wont involve

my ears lol  




joking around !!!

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i was snooping around this morning trayna figur somthing out 
and i got across something interesting
i found out that have some followers witch is cool 

.. and the thing is … do u see the line at the end ?
the one that says  view all followers ?
yeah that ..good u see it too
that right there  is a wordpress  joke
seriously ..  
i clicked the  link 
and voila
nothing is there @@


 its like if a brat asked  u if u want a glass of water 
and ur like i want it
and he is like come and get it
and when u go to him he is like “joke on u loser haha there is here  nothing for u ”  

shame on u wordpress shame on u !! 

the late night murder

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lying on my stomach hugging a pillow

watching some thing on my Bandar “laptop”

and i hear a wired breathing voice

so muffled and low u cant hear it without concentrating.

who is it i wonder !!

it was creepy so i had to take off my ear plugs

and listened carefully as that sound grew louder and clearer

but then …

that was just me breathing heavily with me lying   

like that with a pillow up my nose

# the things i do

الواجب الثاني ;

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بعطيكم الملفات الصوتيه اللي تتبع طريقة بيمزلر  لتعلم اللغات

راح تتقنون كل القواعد اللغوية باذن الله في غضون شهر بدون اي مجهود يذكر وبون ما تحتاجون تتذكرون كلمات او قواعد غريبة وصعبه .. 

douple vision

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it’s an idea about a realistic epic kinda writing

As so no one would see a story from tow angels withe the same

Perspective i would like a partner who is

The exact opposite of me

Just a person who would be not me

So we could find a character

Witch is interesting enough for both of us

So it would be like I write the front have of the book and it ends

The same goes for the other writer

He/she would flip the book and write it on the back

It would be awesome to read something like that

Of course it would end the same way but not in the same result

Any  volunteers??